Book 10 CorrectionsBook 10 Corrections

JOLLIE pg 40

Making Up
Attach Hood..fold cast off edge in half and sew for back seam.
With RS facing, attach back seam of hood to centre back of garment.
Sew hood into place along seams, beg and ending at front edges, easing as you go.

MIM pg 40
29 sts and 25 rows NOT 15 rows

...Work 3 cm in Tweed st, ending on a WS row, dec 34(38,42) sts evenly across last row worked. [91(95,99) sts]
(RS)(dec) K30(31,32), [k3tog] 10(11,12) times, k to end. [71(73,75) sts]
(RS)(dec) K16(15,15), [k2tog,k1] 20(22,24) times, k to end. [71(73,75) sts]